My name is Tina, a UX Designer based in sunny San Diego.

My story

I love seeking out new experiences

Hello! My name is Tina aka tinamisu (a play on the word tiramisu). I was born and raised in the capitol city, Sacramento but recently moved to San Diego. My main expertise lies in ux design, though I do dabble in branding and web design.

What I Like:
coffee and milk tea
impromptu photoshoots
traveling the world
pilates and weight lifting
high fashion

What I'm Learning:
deep sea
tarot reading
roman/greek mythology

Take a peek at my most recent experiences


Lotus and Luna, UX Designer

My responsibilities included branding, web design, and user research.

Seimens, Art Design Operator

My responsibilities included managing the brand designers and marketing team.

Imperson, Freelance Designer

My responsibilities included presentation design, graphic design, and creative direction.

I'M Mimi International , Graphic Designer

My responsibilities included marketing, social media management, and branding.